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  1. Jay Nogales says:

    Hello Kaine,
    It is past midnight at the Amazon headwaters in Bolivia, South America. By reading a piece of your blog about the Moa, it seems that most of the world travelers, my self included, have yet a lot to learn about the fauna and flora that inhabit our planet, to say the least. I am so glad that I ran into you and your wonderful site. I just have one small suggestion for the time being: How about to include Bolivia among the list of places to visit in 2017. I would tell you some of the reasons:
    1.- La Paz, was chosen as a worldwide wonder city recently.
    2.- The movie "Jungle" will be launched around Sept. It is about surviving against all odds here at the heart of the amazing Amazon region in Bolivia.
    3.- This tiny country (Bolivia) happens to have a very rich biodiversity, please check out Madidi National Park.
    More reasons will be talked about later. Have a great one my dear friend. 🌋🏔🏞🏜🌏🌎🌍