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2 Responses

  1. Sarah Cairney says:

    I have just been that jet lagged weirdo that at 6am stupidly checks their emails, but you saved me from getting wound up with the stresses of ‘normal life’ and being harshly thrown back to reality! … If I was on TAO still I would turn that int a song… Can you guess which one?…

    Luckily I received your drop box email and decided to look at your blog again! Being the scatty person I am I read them in a weird order and this was the last one..

    I loved all of your blog entries- they made me laugh out loud, completely agree with you, gave me food for thought, and want to start planning our next trip. But the one that resounded with me the most as cheesy as it is was the travel buddy conclusion. The Philippines was our first travel trip together. After Tim going on his own and me going with friends, and your conclusion is spot on. It’s awesome to go with your partner especially if your differences complement each other and enhance your experience.

    Tim and I loved chatting to you and Sam about random stuff, but most of all we thought you guys were awesome and we really hope that we can have as many adventures as you guys!

    Anyway enough blabbing from me-its 6am, this time of the morning does that to me…(although on TAO, I think every second i blabbed!)

    Keep in touch and hopefully see you in NZ or the UK, there’s a spare room in our house whenever you need it, and perhaps a homemade scone or slice of chocolate Guinness cake….

    Safe travels


    • Kaine Harris says:

      Hey Sarah!

      Feel free to babble all you want. Haha. Thanks for the comments. Sometimes I wonder if anyone will find the things I say funny, even if you have wake up at 6am and have massive jet lag. That gives me some hope.

      I’m really looking forward to catching up again. I’m sure we will, either in the UK or in New Zealand. Maybe it will be somewhere else entirely. You never know. I had a great time with you two and I know Sam did as well. We will make it happen. 🙂

      I’m back in Sydney now, and have been working my way through all of my notes, trying to put how amazing Tao was into words. Hopefully I will have something up soon.

      Keep in touch!


      P.S. chocolate Guinness cake?!?! I want!