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2 Responses

  1. Welmis says:

    This is so helpful, there’s a few things on here I hadn’t even thought of, especially the two-factor authentication codes.The only thing I’d add is to consider switching mobile carriers to T-Mobile because you basically get to keep your same plan from home in most countries. With my plan there are no roaming charges, I get 6GB of data (if I go over, it simply slows down), iMessage works the same, and I can make calls to the US for free with wifi, or for 20 Cents per min without wifi. It’s pretty awesome.

    • Kaine Harris says:

      Thank you Welmis! I have been caught out by the 2 factor authentication a couple of times now.

      I don’t know much about mobile carriers outside of Australia and New Zealand. Usually I’ve grabbed a prepaid SIM when I’ve landed, but I have started looking into international mobile carriers. This sounds like it needs some more research!! 🙂