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9 Responses

  1. Haydn says:

    As someone that’s known you for many years, but may not have seen you in as many, I still would consider you a good friend.

    There’s people in life that do many different things and bring different things to the table of life. The jokers, the complainers, the constant dreamers.. but Kaine, I truly believe you are the quiet inspiration to many.

    Keep pushing yourself, and keep striving to achieve those bucket lists. It’s amazing to watch

    • Kaine Harris says:

      Haydn, though we may not see each other for years, we will always be good friends. We should catch up soon though. I would like to offer you congratulations on your wedding in person.

      I really appreciate reading your comment. It is humbling that anyone would think of me that way…and I can’t help but have my doubts. I suppose we are all guilty of seeing our flaws more than our strengths.

      Regardless of how I feel about it, if anyone reads what I write and it inspires them to pursue happiness, then I shall consider my life a success.

      • HAYDN says:

        It’s funny. But as Kiwi males I think we are cruelty susceptible to feeling like ‘Yeah nah, we’re all good’ and feeling that we’re just ‘ok’ at life. At that not enough people take time to make it known that someone is inspiring them or making a difference.

        I also think, that our generation is at the forefront of what is quickly becoming a very lonely and secular existence. So it’s important to reach out and share thoughts with people.

  2. Izy Berry says:


    • Kaine Harris says:

      Haha I knew you would say that.

      More and more people are telling me to learn Spanish instead, then look at French later. Perhaps I can change my mind.

  3. Amber says:

    My French is pretty decent if ever you want to practice!

    • Kaine Harris says:

      I have been inundated with people advising I should learn Spanish first! So I may have to change my mind.

  4. S P-M says:

    Just 🙂