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6 Responses

  1. Diego Guirola says:

    any alternatives to Queenstown you can recommend that are close by? ie – an interesting town in a beautiful setting (obviously not expecting it to be as big as Queenstown), with great day hikes in the summer? Have been planning a trip there for next year but the accom prices in Queenstown are off-putting

    • Kaine Harris says:

      Depends what you’re after Diego! I would definitely compare with Wanaka, which is another beautiful town in the area, though you may find the prices are similar.

      If you are looking close to Queenstown without actually being in the town itself, then Kingston is about 30-40 minutes drive south. It is close enough to drive in and enjoy all that Queenstown has to offer, without being in the middle of it all. I have friends who own/operate the Lake’s End Lodge there and they are really awesome people.
      Be aware though, Kingston is small, as in one store/cafe/shop/bar small. If that is what you’re after, then I recommend them.

      Arrowtown is also close by, so you could check that out as well. It is a small village really, with historic buildings built during the gold rush. I have only visited for an afternoon, but it seemed quirky and cool.

      • Diego Guirola says:

        Thanks for that! Have looked up Kingston & Arrowtown & they both look like more my pace. Queenstown looks stunning – a visual explosion – but I can’t see me staying somewhere like that longer than a night.

        • Kaine Harris says:

          Queenstown definitely is beautiful, but I agree. I preferred the smaller towns in the area. It’s easy enough to get into Queenstown to have a look around. Let me know how it goes!

          • Diego Guirola says:

            Thanks Kaine. This is my rough plan, in a campervan (for Apr next year, unfortunately can’t get time off before that – so hopefuly not too cold yet):

            Roughly 5-6 nights in the campervan
            Chch – Franz Josef Glacier (1 night) – Wanaka (incl Queenstown & Arrowtown) 3 or 4 nights with a short Milford Cruise if possible) – Glentanner (Mt Cook) (1night) – Chch

            Let me know what you think of that itinerary. I know it’s not a lot of time, but it never is. Also – if there’s anything on that route I shouldn’t miss? Any recommendations very welcome. I’ve travelled from Chch – Hamner Springs – Kaikoura before so keen to see other parts of the south island.

          • Kaine Harris says:

            Hi Diego,

            It sounds like a good loop to me. I’m sure you’ve looked up the driving times. There’s a bit of driving in there, but you should still have time to stop and see some things.

            – If you like rock climbing, then Castle Hill.
            – Devils Punchbowl Waterfall
            – Hokitikia Beach is a great example of the west coast beaches. It gets battered by the Tasman Sea and the weather coming in from the West.
            – Franz Josef and Fox Glaciers
            – Blue Pools Walk
            – Wanaka/Queenstown/Arrowtown you’ll have no problems filling time. Depends whether you want adventure or landscapes or nature walks. Milford Sound cruise is nice, and the drive out there is beautiful.
            – Mt Cook, the area is really beautiful. It’s a dark park as well, so you should get some amazing stars, if the skies are clear.