My name is Kaine Harris, a once mild-mannered office worker bitten by a radioactive travel bug thus becoming The Soaring Moa; now spending every moment I can travelling and writing about the realities of my adventures. I like coffee, fat raindrops, laughing at my own jokes, and the satisfying sound of things being sucked up the vacuum cleaner. I dislike cucumber, hugs from strangers, people who crowd the luggage carousel, and when flies rub their gross, little front legs together.


I was born and raised in New Zealand, the small island nation in the southwest corner of the South Pacific. Famous for a bunch of things that aren’t really all that important like playing rugby, adventure tourism, and being a generally nice bunch of people. Also, we have the best pies on the planet.


I found myself rather apathetic to most travel blogs. Like many, I found much of what I read glossed over the details which made travel interesting.  The internet is full of websites which list The Ten Most Amazing Things to do in Paris, but most fail to mention the smell of stale urine and the forests of selfie sticks.

Of course I’m a hypocrit, but I hate myself for it. I must confess to never having climbed the Eiffel Tower. I once overheard a Parisian say “No one from Paris goes to the top. It is for stupid tourists”. I hate the thought of being a stupid tourist, but the more I travel, the more I realise I am one.

I want this site to be something different; entertaining. Thus I come to you armed with a dry sense of humour and a healthy dose of cynical optimism. I shall do my best to enlighten and entertain you, sharing my perspective on this interesting blue planet we call home. My stories will be filled with truth, opinion, and exaggerations that border on lies.

Have a read, keep in touch, subscribe to the blog, and join me on my adventures. I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing.


I deplore the idea of selling out. I cringe at the thought of contacting a company and asking for freebies in exchange for publicity. While I understand this is how a lot of travel marketing works, I believe this is inherently dishonest. I prefer not to publish reviews or work with companies unless I have used their products or services and honestly believe in what they are selling.

I am an affiliate for several of these services, which you can read about here. While I would love to travel the world having everything paid for, I also firmly believe in integrity.