If I have learned anything about the internet, it is that once something goes online it is never truly gone,¬†rising up to haunt you during job interviews after some overly-conscientious jerk reads beyond the first page of Google search results. Regardless, I shall push on…


My name is Kaine Harris, and I love to travel and to write funny things.

I was born and raised in New Zealand, the small island nation in the southwest corner of the South Pacific. Famous for a bunch of things that aren’t really all that important like playing rugby, adventure tourism and being a generally nice bunch of people. Also, we have the best pies on the planet.


I don’t like most travel blogs. Basically, I get bored of reading the same inane, repetitious bullshit. The internet is full of pages telling you The Ten Most Amazing Things to do in Paris, where they all list climbing the Eiffel Tower and wandering through the catacombs. Of course I’m just as guilty as the next person, but I hate myself for it. I have a confession though, I have been to Paris a few times and never bothered to climb the Eiffel Tower. Want to know why? Because I once heard a Parisian say “No one from Paris goes to the top. It is for stupid tourists.”

I want to do something a little different. I come to you armed with a dry sense of humour and a healthy dose of cynical optimism. I shall do my best to enlighten and entertain you, sharing my perspective on this interesting blue planet we call home. I shall tell you stories and truths and probably some exaggerations that border on lies.

Have a read, have a laugh, subscribe to the blog, and join me on my adventures. I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing.